Bitavax is the Avalanche state of bitcoin. This may be the best version ever!

# Bitavax is a highly reliable digital currency that realizes in less than a second, has high scalability and maximum performance. 


Bitavax token distribution over has ended.

What is Bitavax

Bitavax is a digital currency that is not affiliated with any central organization. BTAX is short for Bitavax.

The supply amount is maximum 24.000.000 pieces. Bitavax has the power to sustain itself without any intervention and without being affected by anything. This is way better than any digital currency in existence, perhaps the best ever.

Bitavax gets its strength from the Avalanche network. No authority, central bank, head of state, company or organization controls the Avalanche network. In today’s traditional financial system, the whole order is based on central authorities. But behind Bitavax is the Avalanche network, which builds the internet of finance.


Bitavax (BTAX), launched in the Avalanche network, performs transactions in less than a second with an almost nonexistent transaction fee. Transfers are made instantly and reliably without the need for any central authority. For Bitavax (BTAX), which cannot be mined, there is no need for high quality computer hardware and intensive energy use. Thanks to the Avalanche network using PoS evidence, a 51% attack risk for Bitavax (BTAX) is almost impossible.

The supply amount is maximum 24.000.000 pieces.


“Limited supply” is the main factor that makes Bitavax valuable. The main actors of the traditional financial order can print currencies such as Dollars, Euros and Turkish Lira in unlimited numbers. However, the production of Bitavax is limited to 24 million units.

We Love Avalanche!

Bitavax @ 2020